Thursday, January 22, 2015

APD 27: Holding Yourself Back

I am sorry if the quality of this one is kind of lacking. It just felt rushed.
I hope you get the point. Hampering others to protect yourself doesn't actually protect yourself. It just slows everything down.

On a fun note, I turned 31 on Wednesday. Yeah! Ice Cream, sushi, cookies, and very good tea were all on the menu. Also, I had this song stuck in my head all day. (Yeah, two years late on this one) I think what took me was that Anna Kendrick can seriously sing. I wouldn't think of that by her speaking voice. I guess she does Broadway, but Broadway is a weird thing all about power and spectacle. This is true performance intended on capturing the essence and feeling of the song, and she kills it. Plenty of actors have good voices, but she appears to really understand how to use music.

OK, I think I am going to do do one more holo-goggles strip, and I will move on to other things. Why? Because of this.
That is right, Microsoft freeking invented them. I always figured with Jobs out of the picture, Apple would lose it's innovative edge. Anyway, this is exactly the technology that I had hoped would come about. I spend all day staring at screens, and I know I would feel better if I wcould adjust the focal plane. Also, I hate the limitation that it only occupies a very small part of my field of view. I would love to arrange my information over my entire field of view. As for other people, I can't imagine how ease of visualization, less eye strain, and the ability to superimpose digital information on real-life tasks wouldn't be a huge productivity booster. I like it.
Will I be getting one any time soon? No. I'm sure they will be very expensive, and I never buy a technology until after the early adopters have suffered through the major bugs.
That being said, I also have a fear that I will have to learn new formats as a content creator, but those are pretty irrational. New technology opens up new possibilities to do old tasks faster, and it allows us to do new tasks that haven't been invented. Some artists will use it to ease their drawing work load, and others will start creating holographic content in earnest. They will live side by side, and adoption is a slow thing. I know a professional comic artist who just now in 2015 bought a decent drawing tablet. Transition is slow and very backwards compatible. You can still ride a horse on the city streets.

Anyway, here is looking forward to my 32nd year.

Friday, January 16, 2015

APD 26: Always Watching

I was going to post two comics this week, but I got a little too stressed out about work, and need a bit of a breather. So, real stress about things not happening as planned at work cause me to not make a comic as planned about being stressed about things not going as planned at work. Do you have that?
 I also took some time to watch that abomination of a college football game on Monday. Go Blue!

Anyway, I am liking where this is going. I hope you appreciate the artwork.

On a side note, I can finally touch-type. I only find this odd because it was a skill I never intended to actually acquire, as useful as it is. It helps me catch spelling mistakes much more quickly, though.

Other news, I got stage pit tickets to my favorite musical artist of all time. It's days like this that I realize that dropping to a cartoonists salary would preclude such lavish expenses. Who am I kidding? I could never make a cartoonist's salary with my artwork.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

APD 25: Apathy

I'm really tired. So, I won't say much. This is just a little comic to illustrate a frustration a lot of people have about working in a supposed fun and lax environment.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

APD 24: Coping Mechanism

Oh, man, this one opens up so many possibilities, but I'm about to take two weeks off. I don't think I will do a one-night wonder tomorrow, but you never know.

Friday, December 12, 2014

APD 23: Work-Nerds

Yes, It is still before Midnight, local time!

Anyway, I am really proud of this artwork. The past 24 hours I have been on my game. At least as far as vision, spacial perception, and dexterity have been concerned. Concentrating on my actual job is another story.

Speaking of jobs, there are always people who are fascinated by projects and organizational charts, corporate mechanics and deliverables. Where do these people come from? They certainly didn't exist as kids. The world may never know.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

APD 22: What Options

OK, see if you can guess the panel that stalled me out and forced this into a second night.

Anyway, I plan on having another one by Friday night. Yes, I have no life.
Also, I have been doing some thinking as to the story I want to tell here, so, I have some direction for Gloria, at least. Honestly, I am doing this piecewise, but things are starting to fall more into place.

OK, I will probably be taking the weeks of Christmas and New Year off mainly because I will be away from my computer for two weeks. I plan do devote that time to updating my stories and planning for how I will print these things. I applies to LA zinefest, and hopefully I get in. It's mid-February, so I'd have to kick my butt into updating the site, and figuring out printing formats for things. Still, it would be a great way to celebrate three years as a Cartoonist.

Anyway. I am hungry.