Thursday, December 18, 2014

APD 24: Coping Mechanism

Oh, man, this one opens up so many possibilities, but I'm about to take two weeks off. I don't think I will do a one-night wonder tomorrow, but you never know.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

APD 23: Work-Nerds

Yes, It is still before Midnight, local time!

Anyway, I am really proud of this artwork. The past 24 hours I have been on my game. At least as far as vision, spacial perception, and dexterity have been concerned. Concentrating on my actual job is another story.

Speaking of jobs, there are always people who are fascinated by projects and organizational charts, corporate mechanics and deliverables. Where do these people come from? They certainly didn't exist as kids. The world may never know.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

APD 22: What Options

OK, see if you can guess the panel that stalled me out and forced this into a second night.

Anyway, I plan on having another one by Friday night. Yes, I have no life.
Also, I have been doing some thinking as to the story I want to tell here, so, I have some direction for Gloria, at least. Honestly, I am doing this piecewise, but things are starting to fall more into place.

OK, I will probably be taking the weeks of Christmas and New Year off mainly because I will be away from my computer for two weeks. I plan do devote that time to updating my stories and planning for how I will print these things. I applies to LA zinefest, and hopefully I get in. It's mid-February, so I'd have to kick my butt into updating the site, and figuring out printing formats for things. Still, it would be a great way to celebrate three years as a Cartoonist.

Anyway. I am hungry.

Friday, November 28, 2014

APD 20: The Superman in the Middle

Yeah, there is my comic.

If you are not familiar with Lois and Clark the New Adventures of superman, then go familiarize yourself. It's the kind of show I would binge-watch with my girlfriend, you know, if I ever bothered dating again.

So, from all of the visual references, you can guess that certain things bridge universes and are cannon in all of my works. Here is a brief list.

My musicians, be it a renaming of a band in a different language, a melody, a handful of lyrics, or a sticker given to me by my DJ friend, I will put my favorite musicians in the comics, because I would never dream of denying my characters the same joy that I receive, especially since I am rocking out to it while drawing them.

Fictional musicians, be it a renaming of a band from one of my favorite movies or a poster from an air-headed pianist from a wonderful book series, if I love the character enough, it is cannon.

Anything comic book related, this carries no further explanation.

Political and legal statuses, unfortunately my characters do not live in a fantasy world, and like ours, ferrets are not given a fair legal status in all places.

Humans, I like drawing humans. It feels more real. I can add fantasy characters, but not in the A Purposeful Derailment (APD).

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wiped Archive

OK, so I somehow managed to delete my entire comics archive. All I wanted to do was clear up some space on my phone. Anyway, if you want to see any of the old EOS they are all conveniently available at I am working to get all of the filler material back on the site.
What a fun way to spent my Saturday night?

Friday, November 21, 2014

APD 19: Escape Champion

OK, it looks like Jean must be standing on the table or something, because there is no way her head reaches the banner.

 Also, I cut myself off when I noticed that this strip was getting a little repetitious in theme. I have tons more thoughts on the matter, but I think Jean sums it up pretty well in two lines.

Yeah, I love having days off, because I can do this!
I am really proud of this artwork too.

I will probably deal a bit with the aftermath next week. Or the girls can just binge on granola bars for the next few strips. I haven't decided.