What is important to tell someone? I always recall trying to forward hand throw a Frisbee. People who are good at throwing Frisbees are notoriously horrible at describing how to throw a Frisbee. They will say thing’s like “It’s all in the wrist,” which literally doesn’t anything everybody didn’t already know. Slightly more experienced throwers will emphasize you need to lower the outside of the disk. I will emphasize that this doesn’t adequately explain what the hell is going on, and trying to follow this advice will inevitably result in the disk flying off in an unpredictable direction.

The secret is really simple, yet no-one I’ve met even tries to explain it this way. When the disk leaves your hand make sure of two things. 1) it is going in the direction you want it to go. (Most people figure this out on their own)
2) Make sure it is tilting up towards the direction it is headed. You now know the secret of throwing a Frisbee with either hand backhand or forehand.
It’s not a very difficult concept. Children do it all the time, Yet, we have somehow, as a species failed to come up with a basic commonly accepted explanation.

By the way, I am guessing there are forty thousand youtube videos trying to explain this concept, and I’m guessing if any of them are more than thirty seconds long, the maker is a show-off or a rambling fool.