Saturday, August 23, 2014


These are some quick comics I did while eating some delicious food.

It may seem odd that a person who is self-proclaimed to be incapable of love would write comics about it. The truth is that I am quite capable of loving other people, and I do it quite fiercely. Love is integral to my life, and it defines every interaction that even remotely matters to me. Love is everything, and I could write about it all day. It is all-encompassing, engrossing, and far more complicated than simply romance. I am, however, incapable of loving someone romantically. I don't know why. There are just some things I can't do. I can't play sports and be expected to contribute in a serious game, I can't spend all day writing computer code without wanting to throw the machine out the window, and I can't maintain a romantic relationship if I am being honest with myself. It doesn't mean I can't love in general, and it doesn't mean I don't appreciate romantic love in particular. It doesn't even mean romantic love isn't appealing to me. It just means that I accept that romantic love is not the answer to my fulfillment as a person, and, therefore, I don't need to feel bad about myself not being able to honestly pursue it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New job

I started my new job today. It is better than my previous job in just about every respect. Although,  it still isn't cartooning. If you want me to be a professional cartoonist, you need to tell all of your friends to read my site.
I sketched a couple of ideas during new employee orientation. These aren't the original sketches, but they are still rough. I just am not used to the permanence of drawing with ink.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Desert?

Today started on a dirt road in Oklahoma jogging by a llama farm. Hundreds of miles later and a different kind of beauty was found: one of mesas, desert rainbows, and mountain lightning.

Here are some sketches inspired by today. The first was inspired by Texas. The second is pretty self-explanatory. I have never seen this happen, but I would like to.

I'll do some nature sketches tomorrow after we do some hiking.

Odd things about today. New Mexico in July is surprisingly cool and wet. Also, our first meal in New Mexico was Taco Bell. It was one of the few places open.

However our lodging choice was determined by a Weird Al song.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Means of Travel

I'm posting from Blackwell OK. I can now say I have been to 42 states.

I love road trips. Here is why.

When I travel by plane, I feel disconnected from the rest of the world. I disappear from one location and appear in another. While I enjoy the suspended time (I spend it reading), I feel as though where I arrive is a bubble that doesn't connect to the rest of the world and doesn't exist beyond what I see.

Driving is the opposite. It connects two places. If I drive somewhere from home that new place becomes home as well. It takes effort, but I end up belonging here, there, and everywhere in between. Also, it is hard to pass up so much beauty along the way.


Friday, July 18, 2014

EOS 100: What have we learned?

Well, here we go EOS 100!
Looking back, I hope my art writing and expressions have improved over the past two and a half years.  I don't know what the future holds. On the one hand I really like these characters and I liek a more detailed art style. On the other hand, I may have to modify my style to make this sustainable in the days ahead. Also, I really want to do an extended graphic novel type event with these characters. So, I might create new ones for joke strips.

Is this really number 100? No, remember I did 19 pages at I am tempted to complete that, and edit out some of the more metaphisycal aspects. We'll see.Also, I have a number of strips that aren't labeled as EOS. The official list is archived at You can also just search the comics tags on the main if you want all of my comics (except Lona)

As for the future, what does it hold? How about road trip! Yes, I will be spending the month on the road starting this weekend. I'm bringing my sketchbook and art supplies and I will be giving updates as I go. How is that for fun? Hopefully, after a month of this I will have a bit more clarity in life.

Anyway. Thank you for reading this for however long you have been following me.
I feel like I am becoming a different person with all of these changes, and its kind of a nice change. Don't worry. I'll still be me.


Monday, July 14, 2014

EOS 99: Stuck with You

OK. This was supposed to be up over two hours ago, but no, the more tired I get the harder it gets to do. I will put up EOS 100 this week, and then ROAD TRIP! I'll be keeping a sketchbook of my journey, and I might just update you along the way. The current plan is 14 states over three weeks. I'll talk more when I am not dead tired.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

EOS 98: Devolution into Farce

I'm actually surprised how long this series is going. I will have two more up by the end of next week. That will put us at EOS 100!
What do I do after that. Well. I want to keep on drawing. I like drawing, and I like what I draw.

Anyway, here ist he big announcement I was talking about that will affect my update schedule.

I am moving to California. I took a job with a bay-area employer. I am not exactly sure where I will be living, but it will be somewhere on the peninsula between San Fransisco and San Jose.
So, how does this affect the comic? Well, I am planning an month off to drive across the country. It appears to be the time for cartoonists to do just that. ( ) This means I will not have regular updates, but I did buy a sketchbook, and I plan to do a comic a day. Leaving on the 18th, I plan to visit (Cleveland?)) Ann Arbor, Chicago, Rockford, Philedelphia (yes, I have to fly back for something), Madison, Peoria, Kansas City, Tulsa, (Dallas?) Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Denver, Flagstaff, Los Angeles, and of course San Fransisco. This is tentative, and I might take a northern route, but I have a month to do it. Who knows what the comics are going to be about. Probably, national parks and my brother's snoring, but it will be an adventure.

Actually the most adventurous thing I did was when I quit on Monday. I am a very timid person. I don't even let myself fall in love with girls I know I should be crazy about, because of the what-if, factor. Anyway. I was granted a tentative job offer provided I passed some routine background tests. I know there is no way I am going to fail, but heaven forbid I actually bank on that. No, I needed a guarantee in hand before I quit my job. Well, the guarantee wasn't coming that day, but I was contractually obligated to give a two-weeks notice. So what do I do, delay my trip by at least a weekend, or bank on something I knew I was going to pass? In the end I finally did something that made sense, and I handed in my resignation on Monday. It's not really that crazy, but it is not 100% guaranteed, and that feels pretty wild for me.

Anyway. I will not go into details about the job. It is a space technology research position with one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. It is basically what I have been working towards since I was 16/17? for reference I am 30. Anyway, it is really exciting. That being said, I keep on wondering if I should maybe be more crazy and jsut quit all of this to be a cartoonist. This is always has been a passion. We'll see. If you tell all of your friends and they tell their friends and they all love it, then I will totally do this as a full-time job. I have tracking statistics, so I know if you are going crazy about me or not.

Anyway, have fun.