I did it. It took me two years, but I actually completed it.

I’m looking back at where I was when I started this thing, which I think is about three inches to the left and maybe four inches forward. My station in life hasn’t actually changed all that much. I thought it was. I thought as soon as I get my first coherent story completed I can finally start selling comics as a legitimate artist. The truth is that I feel less like an artist now that I have when I began comics. Part of it is that my personal life has changed in that I actually have a personal life now. Another part is that grew as a person and I am a lot less neurotic now than I used to be. You can thank my girlfriend for putting in the effort on that one. See I told you I had a personal life. Anyway, sometimes I associate neuroses with being a legitimate artist. Some days I am convinced that a person has to be completely unbalanced in order to actually devote enough time to comics to make them work. That may be the case, but I will see what I can do while still being somewhat happy with my life.

It’s a change, but one I am willing to try. I have no definite plans what I will do next. I draw comics because I want to tell people something. I don’t want to get political here, but the current presidential campaign has drained all my faith in humanity. It kind of makes it hard to speak when you think no one will listen. Anyway, I love all of you who read, this all two of you.

I have a new Regina Spektor Album to which I must listen. So, life isn’t all bad. Thank you for sticking with me through my first completed project.