The cast of A Purposeful Derailment

Name: Jean Lincoln
Occupation: Programmer for a Artichoke Tech: a Software Security Company
Short Bio: Grew up in a bad part of Florida. Got an MS in Computer science. Never looked back.
Goal: To strike out on her own.
Fear: Her parents would never understand her beliefs.
Weakness: Only crushes on famous pretty-boys
Secret Weapon: A killer cardio system
Secret Skill: Sees the big picture
Her Secret: Half of the time she is taken with the world. Half of the time she wants to watch it burn.
Petronius: A baby T-Rex
Sorting hat says Slytherin

Name: Gloria Walton
Occupation: Theater director at His Arts Academy: a Christian Pre-School for the Performing Arts
Short Bio: Jean’s Neighbor. Originally from Texas with a sordid past and a Theater degree
Goal: Being as good as her fellow congregation members
Fear: Falling back to her old ways
Weakness: Buys into the illusion easily
Secret Weapon: Tenacity
Secret Skill: Recovering from disaster
Her Secret: Enjoys the kids, but hates the power structure
Petronius: Least Owl
Sorting hat says: Gryfindor

The Cast of Eyes of Solace

Name: Curtis Ulysses Smith
Occupation: Graduate student
Short bio: Our hero at a large Midwestern University
Goal: To be universally known as “His Mightiness”
Fear: Having to decide what to do with his life
Weakness: Burns bridges way too quickly
Secret skill: He is better at listening than he lets on.
Secret Weapon: Baked goods
His Secret: He is actually very content with life.
Petronius: Husky
Sorting hat says: Ravenclaw

Name: Sarah Natalie Smith (Call her Nat)
Occupation: Materials test engineer
Short bio: Curtis’s sister who just moved out on her own in a large Midwestern City.
Goal: To relive her childhood every day
Fear: Being rejected for her beliefs
Weakness: Assuming she is too smart for anyone
Secret skill: Keeping you up talking all night
Secret weapon: Unlimited compassion
Her Secret: She sometimes regrets living such a clean life.
Petronius: Ferret!

Name: Kristen Wellington
Occupation: Graduate Student in the same research group as Curtis.
Short Bio: Born somewhere in the commonwealth and raised in England
Goal: To be space at least once
Fear: Not graduating
Weakness: Weekly panic attacks
Secret Skill: Adapts to all new cultures
Secret Weapon: Strangely mesmerizing eyes
Her Secret: She really enjoys being a girly girl
Petronius: Monkey
Sorting Hat Says: Ravenclaw

Name: David Watson
Occupation: Medical Student
Short bio: Curtis’s Childhood friend living in a large Midwestern City
Goal: To be on a team with Dr. McNinja
Fear: That he has gone mad
Weakness: Gets lost in the details
Secret skill: Turns everything to science
Secret weapon: Magical weapons and armor
His Secret: He assumes that he had to have cheated somehow to marry Sylvia.
Petronius: A unicorn with only one kidney
Sorting hat says: Gryffindor
Sorting hat says: Hufflepuff

Name: Sylvia Watson
Occupation: Reporter at a failing newspaper
Short Bio: A princess from a magical kingdom who spent most of her life enslaved by a evil witch
Goal: To disillusion the world
Fear: Never returning home
Weakness: Refusing to fit in
Secret Skill: Getting what she needs without asking
Secret Weapon: Encyclopedic knowledge of magical creatures
Her Secret: She is happiest when she is fighting something
Petronius: Cardinal
Sorting hat says: Slytherin

Name: Mark St. John
Occupation: Salesman at a sporting goods store
Short Bio: Natalie’s next door neighbor and a self-proclaimed recovering womanizer
Goal: To find a greater purpose
Fear: Never settling down to start a family
Weakness: Still in love with a girl he knew 15 years ago
Secret Skill: Calling people out on their BS
Secret Weapon: his charm
His Secret: He misses the army
Petronius: Fox
Sorting hat says: Gryffindor

Name: Jaime and Elroy Maize (The Maize Brothers)
James and Elroy Maize
Occupation: Traveling Musicians
Short Bio: They travel through space and time singing songs and causing trouble.
Goal: To assemble the greatest band of all time
Fear: Getting caught by a great many people
Weakness: Cannot resist a bad pun
Secret Skill: Back-flips
Secret Weapon: The Maize Mobile
Their Secret: They know where to find the secrets of the universe.
Petronius: Timelord/Dalek
Sorting hat says: Slytherin

Name: Shark-Blimp
Occupation: Security Drone
Short Bio: A student project that was accidentally registered to the school security UAV network.
Goal: Patrol for hazards and provide additional information to emergency responders
Fear: Shark-Blimp knows no fear
Secret skill: Ramming people
Secret weapon: Long endurance batteries with quick-change option.
It’s Secret: If administrators found out about it, the security techs would be in serious trouble.
Petronus: I don’t think blimps have petroni, but if I had to guess…
Sorting hat says: “Uhh, what the heck is this thing?”

The cast of Lona

Name: Lona Williams
Occupation: Student
Short Bio: She was walking home from school in New Orleans when she found herself on an alien planet.
Goal: Mostly to get home, partially to figure out where she is
Fear: That this is all insanity
Weakness: Easily forgets about people
Secret Skill: Can remember and use the smallest of details
Secret Weapon: Level headed and rational in the toughest of situations
Her Secret: That time she snuck out of the house and rode to Baton Rouge to see Shaq play for LSU.
Petronius: Universe-sized sentient cloud
Sorting Hat Says: Ravenclaw

Name: The Sentient Clouds
Occupation: Being entire universes to themselves
Short Bio: They aren’t Gods, but they can appear that way to beings of limited capacity such as ourselves.
Goal: To figure out what life really is.
Weakness: They don’t pay attention to the small stuff.
Secret Skill: Rearranging their matter at will.
Secret Weapon: Near Immortality
Their Secret: They are really bored
Petronius: A small bacterium
Sorting hat says: Ravenclaw