The cast of A Purposeful Derailment

Name: Jean Lincoln
Occupation: Programmer for a Artichoke Tech: a Software Security Company
Short Bio: Grew up in the Miami Suburbs. Got an MS in Computer science. Never looked back
Goal: To strike out on her own
Fear: Her parents would never understand her beliefs
Weakness: Only crushes on famous pretty-boys
Secret Weapon: A killer cardio system
Secret Skill: Covering all her bases
Her Secret: Half of the time she is taken with the world. Half of the time she wants to watch it burn.
Petronius: A baby T-Rex
Sorting hat says: Slytherin

Name: Gloria Walton
Occupation: Theater director at His Arts Academy: a Christian Pre-School for the Performing Arts
Short Bio: Jean’s Neighbor. Originally from Texas with a sordid past and a Theater degree
Goal: Being as good as her fellow congregation members
Fear: Falling back to her old ways
Weakness: Buys into the illusion easily
Secret Weapon: Knows how to relax
Secret Skill: Recovering from disaster
Her Secret: Enjoys the kids, but hates the power structure
Petronius: Least Owl
Sorting hat says: Gryfindor