The cast of Lona

Name: Lona Williams
Occupation: Student
Short Bio: She was walking home from school in New Orleans when she found herself on an alien planet.
Goal: Mostly to get home, partially to figure out where she is
Fear: That this is all insanity
Weakness: Easily forgets about people
Secret Skill: Can remember and use the smallest of details
Secret Weapon: Level headed and rational in the toughest of situations
Her Secret: That time she snuck out of the house and rode to Baton Rouge to see Shaq play for LSU.
Petronius: Universe-sized sentient cloud
Sorting Hat Says: Ravenclaw

Name: The Sentient Clouds
Occupation: Being entire universes to themselves
Short Bio: They aren’t Gods, but they can appear that way to beings of limited capacity such as ourselves.
Goal: To figure out what life really is.
Weakness: They don’t pay attention to the small stuff.
Secret Skill: Rearranging their matter at will.
Secret Weapon: Near Immortality
Their Secret: They are really bored
Petronius: A small bacterium
Sorting hat says: Ravenclaw